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anyone else think there should be some kind of system for reporting typos and errors in chapters?


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we all know translators are prone to human error. with actively released novels, it's fairly easy to just ping the translator on discord to point out any mistakes you might notice, but there's nothing anyone can do about completed novels. this is an especially big problem with older novels, like tales of demons and gods, since they were translated back when quality standards were far lower. honestly, most of the old novels deserve a complete re-edit, but barring that i think it would be really nice if there was some kind of feature in the website for readers to directly suggest corrections. it'd make things more convenient for ongoing novels too, since not everyone knows the discord exists and translators don't get notified by chapter comments. 

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I second the motion. I solicit typo reports, and have specifically asked for people to DM me or ping me on Discord, yet still see reports casually put into the comments. I'm sure there are many that have been missed, which sucks. It would be great to have a mechanism that makes it easier for typo reports to get through to the translators/editors.

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Since all our TLs are on discord, and since we now have paragraph comments, I am wondering if there can be another addition where a paragraph can be clicked and there is an option to send suggestions as well as report typos, and when someone uses them, it sends out a discord DM with the link of the chapter and the part where the suggestion was given... I have seen something similar on other sites. And yes, suggestions and typo reports should be kept separate options. Typo reports need to come ASAP, but suggestions are subjective to a certain extent and so suggestions don't need to be sent in via DMs, but can be documented to be reviewed occasionally...

Just a suggestion, but if this can be implemented, would be great...

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Good idea. The translators and their staff do not always catch the errors reported by the readers. So a section for it would be cool. 

In each chapter of said novel, a linked notifications would be a simple solution where it can open up into a form of some sort. Where the reader can copy and paste the error and then hit send to either discord or email, or whichever platform will work best. 

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On 10/21/2023 at 2:36 PM, megaautist said:

this is an especially big problem with older novels, like tales of demons and gods, since they were translated back when quality standards were far lower. honestly, most of the old novels deserve a complete re-edit

Speaking of old novels. Are mistakes for those being updated at all? And what about the novels that have been lost from a long time ago? For example, Godsfall Chronicles, which you can only (officially) through Amazon.

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It shouldn't be hard to implement.

You can choose between a few options:

1. Very simple report system per chapter where the implementation is just a textbox every chapter, where users can just freeform suggest changes.

2. A more complex system that leverages the paragraphs, and makes the user select a paragraph where a change should be made. This mode could be activated by pressing a button at the bottom of the page, and then scrolling up and clicking on the paragraph, which then brings up a popup of soets that allows you to say what should be changed, once again freeform.

3. Most complex system. A google docs type situation where you enter a similar suggest mode as mentioned in option 2, but you choose exactly what text you want to change.

I am rereading what I wrote, qnd the following part of 3 is technical qnd the tldr is "Implementing this is hard but doable."

[Rest of 3. However, the selection of just a certain bit of text is much harder to implement than just a check for what paragraph you're in. It would probably have to copy the entire chapter to a new div, then have some code that monitors every change. Now that I think about it, it shouldnt be the hardest to implement, but it would probably be annoying to implement without increasing page load times. A workaround that comes to mind is to have the mode not load in on page start, but rather be inserted on a call to a function... I'm rambling aren't I.]


I hate to put arguably the most important part AFTER the textdump, but all of this is useless if the backend experience for the translators sucks. Please work on the experience for the translators more than on the experience for users in specifically this task. There should be a priority system for users in good standing, as well as a way for TLs to be able to select certain users to be queued higher for edit requests so that the system puts their stuff before other users'. Plus, you have to make sure that edit conflict dont happen, so preferably you'd group all edit requests by section to edit, rather than just user edit requests. And then sort by edit request volume. I'm rambling again, aren't I.

As the great Deathblad said, lets create a good channel for edit requests to be made!

And if anything I said was unclear, or any staff want me to create an action plan on this, just shoot me a DM here or on discord.

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