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  • Dark Serenity's Poetry Jam
    Apr 06

    Dark Serenity's Poetry Jam

    Deathblade is hosting a poetry contest here on our forum with prizes of Karma!

  • April ReadRush
    Apr 16
    Happening Now

    April ReadRush

    🎉📖 From April 17th until the end of the month, we’re running a ReadRush event! It involves WTU being increased up to four chapters per day for participating series. The full details are on our Facebook! Posts are also on our Twitter and Instagram.

  • Etvolare’s Giveaway
    Apr 18
    Happening Now

    Etvolare’s Giveaway

    🎉📚 Celebrating Chapter 300 of Star Gate on Wuxiaworld! To mark this milestone, our translator Etvolare gives postcards to those who leave a review! Whether you're a seasoned reviewer or just joining the journey, your thoughts count. Send your username and address to etvoscribbles@gmail.com or DM on IG after writing a review. Let's spread the love for Star Gate and dive into some badass postca

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