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  1. Char and ChaCha work on translating the chapters, with each of them taking up a portion of the chapters. As for me, I am the one editing the chapters, and ensuring that we have consistency in the chapters of the novel, as well as its quality. So do let me know if you have any suggestions! You can contact any of us by sending a message on here, commenting in the chapters, sending a message in the discord channel or by sending any of us a discord DM.
  2. Not sure if there's much food mentioned in this novel except in passing when they are at inns and stuff, but I do look forward to this!
  3. Sometimes, I am truly left in awe of just how well read you are or how you are able to find so much stuff... Anyway, glad to have a fellow Gourmet Gaming reader here, and look forward to your comments in the novel!
  4. So, the MC has a girlfriend in the Modern world as well as his parents, and on the flip side, has a lover in the cultivation world. He has reached close to his breaking point and nearly committed suicide at least a couple of times... But, the man is tenacious. And for now, he just wants to live a peaceful life. Another motivator for him right now is, taking his companions back to their homes. He feels responsible for them and their safety and wants to at least have all of them reach home safely before he kicks the bucket...
  5. ah yes... the infamous girl in the vase image... The image itself wouldn't be that disturbing if not accompanied by the description that was given in the novel when it was first introduced, and then how those vases are made later on... And I can see why people would find it scary, but to me, its weird look into a different genre I haven't experienced before.
  6. For now, the MC is just trying to survive. His current goal is to get rid of his "hallucinations" and be able to survive in this world or whichever world is real... He doesn't care for power or authority or anything else... well, more like he doesn't yet have the ability to think about those things, which is realistic. If your life is in constant danger, you won't really think about becoming the ruler of the world or stuff.
  7. Hearing you both say this, I wonder whether I am the abnormal one? I don't really mind the fanart... enjoy it to a certain extent too... to me, i don't really get affected by much of anything visually speaking. Am I weird? *insert "I don't need sleep, I need answers" meme
  8. So far, the MC has primarily been in the ancient/cultivation world. But, the catch is, any action he takes here, there's an equivalent in the modern world or vice versa... So him disembowelling himself here gets a similar thing happen to his modern world self. Or the scene where he gets shot in the modern world, but has an equivalent injury on the other side... And, the MC is not really nuts in my opinion. He is still logical. Its just that, he doesn't know which side to trust or believe and prioritize.
  9. Surprisingly, not that many... Compared to the visual horror provided by the images, I am more interested by the way our MC's mental state is slowly devolving... That slow descent into true madness is in my opinion the true horror of this story.
  10. Knowing that you are one of the readers, I am both excited and dreading it a bit... Excited for the art that we will get in the comments, as well as the amazing discussion, and dreading (but also excited by the possible learning opportunities for me) the corrections I will be expecting... I have seen you go ham with those...
  11. Huh... if the version we have now is censored, then I wanna read just how Bizarre and Bonkers the original version being translated would be...
  12. Almost all the Images of novel characters are fanarts found on Douyin from an artist called 格子的乱七八糟 Now as for the memes, well what can I say besides the fact that our dear translator ChaCha is a well-read person...
  13. Hey there! In my case, I have close to zero knowledge of Chinese... But, I am here to raise questions on behalf of readers! If there are ever parts when you find something you are unable to understand or make sense of, then just feel free to ask, be it in comments or on Discord. ----------- What do dentists call their x-rays? Tooth pics!
  14. Hey! Thanks for the question! This novel... its like a fever dream... Working on this novel, I have strung together words that I never thought I would, and I have had to ask the kinds of weird questions that I would probably delete my browsing history for afterwards (and no I don't mean NSFW stuff, but WTF stuff... LuL). All in all, this novel is quite something... There are times when editing it is such a pain, but it is also rewarding to see the results of all our discussions and hard work. As for why try this novel? If one wants a different take on a cultivation world than your everyday Xianxia, then this is great. As for those who want to read something unique (maybe too unique in this case... 😅), then this is a great start. Oh, and the readers who often head to reddit and use the subreddit r/newsentence can get a whole bunch of entries for the subreddit here.
  15. Hey there! Thanks for the questions. As far as I am aware, the novel finished just recently, and has over 1000 chapters. Basically, we are in for a long ride (woohoo!) Now as for hints of the story far into the novel, for the most part, I am just as clueless as you readers...
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