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Blip, the Splitting the Heavens translator!


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At around 9am GMT+8 on Friday (8pm EDT Thursday, 5pm PDT), the Splitting the Heavens translator, Blip, will be here to answer your questions!

Feel free to post your questions now in advance, and they'll be responded to once the event starts. You might be interested to know why Blip started translating, what he likes about Splitting the Heavens, or simply what his favourite food is. 

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You might be interested to know why they started translating, what they like about DBI, or simply what their favourite food is.

1)  Isn't this about Splitting the Heavens? Why would anyone ask about DBI?

2) Blip, who's your favorite character in Splitting the Heavens, and why? 

3)  Who has only one favorite food, other than Oh Kang-Woo in After Ten Millennia in Hell? So, hey Blip, what are your favorite foods and why? 

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On 12/4/2023 at 9:53 AM, Genaroac1 said:

I want to know if the novel will have romance in the future? And will be harem or no?

@Genaroac1 From what I have read and translated so far, romance is ambiguous even though there are several candidates. Can't tell whether there will be a harem because no TRUE female lead has appeared yet, but possible considering the number of potential love interests.

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On 12/4/2023 at 10:20 AM, Erudite_Birdy said:

2) Blip, who's your favorite character in Splitting the Heavens, and why? 

3)  Who has only one favorite food, other than Oh Kang-Woo in After Ten Millennia in Hell? So, hey Blip, what are your favorite foods and why? 

2. I would say I don't have a clear favorite, but I'll be lying. You can say that I have a preference for Kou Chongxue because of the way the author portrayed him. His personality is pretty chill but he's said to be a madman so I'm actually still looking forward to what he can do (Ok actually I've seen what he can already do but you guys haven't 🙂 You can look forward to that actually) From his manner of speech, he doesn't really seem to give too many fucks (like me) and he gets straight to the point.  

He doesn't really have an air of the "Oh I'm older than you so I'm better" vibes that I'm getting from many characters in the book so that's a good ++ for me 

Would say a second favourite is a controversial opinion but I used to hate this character back when they appeared for the first few times. — Go ahead and guess who it is 🙂 will edit in a little bit but I'm sure you guys have a guess in mind.

3. Hoho, IDK how many of you know where I'm actually from, but I do like a mean steak once in a awhile. I would say in order of cuisines though, I'm more of a chinese cuisine kinda guy. Of course, that's because I can eat it almost everyday due to the MANY different dishes and flavors available.

Altho if I were to rank FOOD FOOD, 

1. Mala Tang 
2. A good FAT steak with creamed spinach and roasted carrots for my sides 
3. Cold Soba w Assorted Vegetable Tempura 🙂

I mean those are stuff I can't eat for every meal but it's def stuff I would seek out when I feel like treating myself to my fav foods. HAHA but of course they're seasonal so these might not be my fav food in like a month or so cos I change my mind often

I wonder how many of you like the same stuff 🙂

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On 12/5/2023 at 8:18 AM, Faustek said:

Do we know how many chapters this will have or has?

What would you bring to a camping trip if the camping trip was set for a whole week in Northern Sweden?

@Faustek HAHAHAHA YES WE DO. The novel is ongoing, but it's released/written up to 2025 at the moment. So you can look forward to 1000+ chapters of my bullshit 😄 STRAP IN AND GET READY FOR THE RIDE FELLOW READERMAN/READERWOMAN/OCTOPUSREADER

and about camping... I'm gonna assume I'm going camping in the fall because I reFUSE to camp in any other weather than a comfortable cold. And because I'll hate myself if I have to camp in snow. 

SO... with that in mind, I'll probably bring:

1. 1x tent, 1x sleeping bag, multiple x socks, some clothes assuming I find a lake to bathe.
2. Cooking gear, 1x pot (to boil some water), 1x pan (because I like to cook), 1x cup, 1x metal cutlery set, 1x water canteen, bunch of disinfecting tablets to get drinkable water in case I can't boil it
3. A FAT JUICY STEAK that I will probably eat on the first day... + Lots of dry rations that can last without refrigeration + oil and seasonings and whatnot + Bunch of coffee packets because your friendly neighbourhood slime cannot survive without coffee (those who know me will know that I bring coffee packets with me whenever I travel overseas in case I can't find passable coffee there) 
4. a knife, a big one. probably to hack some wood to build fires because what's camping without building a campfire. 
5. a bunch of wet tissues to make my stay a lot more comfortable because this isn't survival camping, it's fun camping.
6. Matches + a lighter cos matches for camping vibes and a lighter if I fuck up. And no i can't light a fire by rubbing sticks
7. my phone probably + a powerbank or two in case I need to use it
8. A friend who knows how to survive in the wild 
9. A fun friend for the chaos


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4 minutes ago, AwesomeGrace said:

I want to know why you chose to translate this novel, and why readers should read it! 

@AwesomeGrace Wassup guys this is my boss at least in case you guys didn't know hahaha 

1. Why I chose to translate this novel:

Well, the story where I got to translate Splitting the Heavens was pretty interesting because WELL LET'S JUST SAY I HAD A CHOICE TO TRANSLATE SOMETHING MORE POPULAR and I always knew it would be much more well received than STH because

1. YES, I read through the raws of both books before making the choice 
2. Gut feeling of being an avid novel reader in the past told me more people would like the other novel

But in the end, I chose STH because of the comedy factor which I personally have a preference to translate and how unhinged some of the characters are. If you couldn't already tell, I like funny shit and I like to entertain you guys too (explains the chapter names and some troll translator thoughts)
DISCLAIMER: no, I did not get reported to the WW police for those chapter names (I got permission to post whatever I like) and no, I did not get hunted down by haters for the badly drawn art. It's coming back but I've been too busy lately IRL to make worse artworks. Chapter titles aren't really like back then where there were many consecutive cont. so I can't change them so often to random nonsense.

What's cultivation without some fun sprinkled in between anyway. To fellow readerman/readerwoman/readercreatures of Splitting the Heavens who managed to get past the first few chapter barrier and are in for the ride with me, STRAP IN, THINK LESS, TALK MORE SHIT IN THE COMMENTS, & LETS GO > > > 

2. Why you might be interested in STH:

I'll say if you're looking for some light hearted action, you've come to the right place. STH is a mix of what you would expect from a typical cultivation novel with some curveballs thrown here and there. When I say typical cultivation novel, I mean progression wise (When he grows stronger and blablabla you get the idea I don't think it's your first novel) But cultivation novels are unique and our MC's transmigration doesn't immediately make him invincible. Instead, he has to explore as he goes along as he wasn't some god-like character before he transmigrated. As such, don't hope for too much classic transmigration trope. Instead, get ready for multiple interesting adventures (pretty unique in my opinion and I've read A LOT of novels) with comedic factors thrown in from time to time. Don't worry if the comedy isn't enough for you because I'm the biggest comedy factor in the novel. Money back guarantee if you're not entertained. (don't quote me I have no money). 

Honestly though, give it a shot (read past the first 20 chapters because even I have to admit they're pretty bad for an intro to a story this good) and I promise you won't regret it. Hell just skip it altogether it will come along when you read further. We have a running glossary whenever someone makes a powerup too somewhere in the abouts page.

As you read you'll be shown various art works by yours truly and you can join the gang of people who appreciate my amazing*** pieces or those who wanna hunt me down so I'll never draw anything in my life again. There's that for an additional entertainment factor 😄

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On 12/7/2023 at 5:34 AM, JHYuuko said:

Hallloo Blip! Who do you think is the most interesting character in Splitting the Heavens, and why? (not including characters that don't appear yet to avoid spoilers)



The most interesting character to me would probably be the MC really. He seems to have knowledge about his previous world, but not much. He seems to know what to do, but he messes up once in a while which actually makes the novel so much more believable compared to those novels where the MC just rides a perfect streak all the way to the top with some forced plot here and there to make it look like they are facing some difficulties.

Of course, his heaven-defying luck (Ahem plot armor ahem) is just for the progression for the story so that we won't have to sit through like 4000 chapters of how he finds this and that since the author seems to be coming up with AN UNGODLY amount of things as he grows stronger so that's pretty ok to me. 

His art of talisman crafting is pretty cool too + his innovation to make talisman seals (printers that break down every 100 or 100s or so uses) shows that there is actually progression / the MC is actually using his brain to make something new. The talisman crafting rate isn't perfect too and his equipment would actually get damaged when he messes up! (surprise surprise) Of course it's annoying to keep track of what's damaged and when they get fixed because sometimes the author forgets to 'fix' the item and just throws it back in in perfect condition or a higher level so there's that.. But because of that, his process and progress of talisman crafting keeps me on my toes because even I don't know whether he'll succeed whenever he starts making one. 

The way he treats his family is really cool too. Unlike some novels I translated in the past / many of those I have read, a lot of them focus on the MC getting kicked out / treated badly by his family before going on to become strong. Here, everyone seems to fully support him by giving him all the help he needs. (Shang Xi giving him the movement talisman back when he was just a weak lil baby, Shang Ke giving him the Suspended Spear Talisman which he used in the Coral Forest to kill some weirdo, Shang Quan making talisman ink for him, Shang Pei sending him into the Abyssal Secret Region that she had been in before and waiting for him out there in case he needs someone to save him, Shang Tai helping to deal with his troubles, Shang Jian giving him pointers back when he was in the Martial Extremity Realm so he can perfect his sword art, Yan Qi actually saving his ass + getting him the treasures he needed to enter the Martial Extermination Realm) So the development is actually pretty cool where the MC isn't some omnipotent fool who manages to do everything himself.

And yes, I remember everything that happened in the novel HAHA other than the names of some weird item here and there.

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2 minutes ago, Wendelin99 said:

Hi Blip, How many levels of cultivation can we expect for this novel? If you can't say give a hint. 


As of now, the author hasn't made it clear on how many cultivation levels there will be, but there has been several more (2 minimum) that will be introduced in due time. As for hints, not so much as future cultivation levels as it might change again to something I am unable to predict. After all, the author is still writing and I have no clue if he has it all planned out HAHA

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1 minute ago, blipbloc said:


As of now, the author hasn't made it clear on how many cultivation levels there will be, but there has been several more (2 minimum) that will be introduced in due time. As for hints, not so much as future cultivation levels as it might change again to something I am unable to predict. After all, the author is still writing and I have no clue if he has it all planned out HAHA

Damn for real 2000+ chapters & the author hasn't revealed all of them I'm amazed 😲😲

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Just now, blipbloc said:

@Htaboh3  @AwesomeGraceCan I add stuff myself? 🙂

LOL. Well, you have to translate what the author wrote in the novel. If the author said the person spat, you can't say the person sang. HAHAAHA. But maybe you can be a *tiny bit* more descriptive. Don't add too much or it'll make it'll seem like a different novel. AHAHAHAH.

Ex. ABC looked up into the sky as fiery could be seen in his eyes. A burst of anger was boiling within him, and then opened his mouth and released the most disgusting spit he had ever done so. <-- that would be toooooo much. AHAHAHAHAAHAHAH

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