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  1. I want to know how you started translating @Thyaeria And how @Autumnlilystarted editing! Also, what's your favourite novel on Wuxiaworld?
  2. Nvm. You just answered and mentioned poetry, songs, ancient prophecies are the most challenging to translate. I'll ask another question. What do you like to translate the most? Dialogue? Action scenes? Narration? Secondly, do you force yourself to translate regardless of how you feel? Basically, my question is how you deal with burnt out (or preventing yourself from burning out).
  3. Deathblade, do you think you would translate other novels after BTT? Or would you rather focus on creating your own novels? What do you find most challenging when it comes to translating? Has it evolved over time?
  4. Seth, you should use this opportunity to promote your social media and art 😛 . Seth is a very talented young man! Thank you for all the hard work you put into your translations! I get the newbies to check out your novel and tell them, "This is what you should aim for." 😉
  5. Seth! How did you discover Wuxiaworld and what's your favourite novel on our site? 😉 Also, any tips for readers who want to learn Chinese? Teach them how to be hardcore and pro like you!
  6. I have one last question. If readers want to find you or interact with you, where can they go? Do you use social media?
  7. Has the novel surprised you in any way? And could you share some funny or shameless quotes or examples that make the novel a comedy?
  8. If you could be a character in the novel, who would you choose and how long do you think you'd be able to survive based on the type of skills you have now?
  9. LOL. Well, you have to translate what the author wrote in the novel. If the author said the person spat, you can't say the person sang. HAHAAHA. But maybe you can be a *tiny bit* more descriptive. Don't add too much or it'll make it'll seem like a different novel. AHAHAHAH. Ex. ABC looked up into the sky as fiery could be seen in his eyes. A burst of anger was boiling within him, and then opened his mouth and released the most disgusting spit he had ever done so. <-- that would be toooooo much. AHAHAHAHAAHAHAH
  10. I want to know why you chose to translate this novel, and why readers should read it!
  11. 😂 okie thanks ladies! We'll leave the thread open for another day to see if there are any additional questions (but they won't be answered live). Thanks for taking the time to be here! It was an interesting convo. Hopefully readers who haven't tried this novel will give it a shot. The MC is super shameless and it's quite funny! Any last words??
  12. OUuu very smart answer lol. So I guess we all want popular men in the end. HAAHAHAHA. But how about @corlumbus
  13. OMG that's so sad! But would you actually like Ye Guan thoughhhh. He's such a womanizer without even trying. Actually, I'm curious. Would you girls rather date a popular man who everyone wants? Or someone that no one wants lololol.
  14. How would you describe Ye Guan using 5 adjectives? I must say he's a pretty memorable MC. Hahaha
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