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My Longevity Simulation/ 我的模拟长生路

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Why It should get translated?

This is one of the best xianxia novels ever made. It also has a theme of time travelling and is easily a unique experience for all to read. The mc is smart, cunning and most importantly is rich in lore and keeps you on edge. It has currently got an edited mtl/unofficial fan translation but I think an official translation will help this novel get the attention it deserves


Although Li Fan had grand ambitions when he first transmigrated to this world, he could only be trapped in mediocrity, slowly wasting away his mundane life.

Fortunately, as he was dying, he finally awakened a supreme treasure that could turn truth into lie and reality into dream, reversing time to when he first arrived!

Following this, Li Fan embarked on his endless path to immortality!

In his second life, Li Fan ascended through politics and ruled the world after 50 years, but after searching worldwide, he found no trace of the Immortal Dao. Only at the end of his life could he glimpse the immortal path.

In the third life, despite immense efforts and carefully laid schemes, Li Fan ultimately couldn’t resist a single strike of an immortal’s sword!

In the fourth life…

I, Li Fan, an ordinary mortal, will harbor no regrets throughout a thousand lifetimes, all for the pursuit of immortality!

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