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Mysteries of Immortal Puppet Master/Advent of Immortal Truth by GuZhenRen

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Author's Note



Hello everyone, I am Gu Zhenren.

  Today I bring you a new book "The Exploitation of Immortal Crafts".

  I have thought clearly that there are at least three challenges in writing this book!

  The first challenge is commercial writing.

  I wrote online articles because of my interest and hobby from the beginning. I have written so many books, and the main purpose is interest, and making money is incidental. So, when I wrote "Gu Zhenren", even if the subscription was miserable, I persisted for at least seven years. At that time, I was still young, and my parents were not old, so there was no need to worry. One person is full, the whole family is not hungry.

  So, when I was writing "Infinite Blood Core", I would rather revise the outline, even if there was no subscription income during this period, and it didn't matter if it lasted for several months.

  Not afraid of being laughed at by others——

  Clumsy. When I was on the mountain, I couldn't pick the moon and fell down with blood on my scalp. This time I came down the mountain mainly to fill my worldly stomach.

  My new book "The Exploitation of Immortal Works" is my first commercial writing. I started to consider the rankings, reader activities, updates, writing rhythm, and whether it conforms to the public's reading habits.

  I am a very clumsy person. It is my first time to do this, so I may not do it well, but I will try my best to improve! Please give me more criticism and corrections. If you can give me some encouragement, it will be better!


  The second challenge is socializing.

  I am a otaku. Besides writing and reading books, my biggest hobby is playing games.

  I have social phobia, although it has eased as I get older. But I am still not good at socializing with people and interacting with book friends.

  This time, after listening to everyone's opinions, we will work hard to improve this aspect, organize more activities on social platforms, conduct some live broadcasts, etc.


  The third challenge is the inner self.

  This is the biggest challenge.

  Everyone has two lives. One is called worldly life, and the other is called ideal life. For artists, the second life is called artistic life.

  I wrote Gu for about 10 years, on and off, with little income for most of the time, but I was happy with it. I revised and rewrote Blood Core for several months, locked myself in my room, not talking to the outside world, but I was full of interest and did not lose any of it.

  I like writing books, and writing books itself is the source of my motivation. These processes are all nourishing my artistic life.

  Commercial writing is different. To me, it is a waste of artistic life.

  How long can my second life last? I don't know.

  Since this is my first attempt, I don’t know whether I am suitable for this writing style.

  There are so many ways to kill the second life. It is extremely powerful, yet extremely fragile.

  I can only tell myself: going down the mountain is to go up again.

  I implore you all to bear witness.

  Thank you!




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14 hours ago, lordvile said:

Any update from the author about ban surrounding Reverend Insanity?

Unlikely for the ban to be lifted. RI continued for 7 years despite bans and censorship because author didn't care about earning money.

Now he does. New novel is gonna be more commercial in style. i.e. he will make efforts to not get banned.

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