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Hardworking Pay-to-Win Knight (열일하는 과금기사) by Park Geon

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Novelupdates Link: https://www.novelupdates.com/series/hardworking-pay-to-win-knight/


Raw Link: https://page.kakao.com/content/56248760



Jae-Yeon has immigrated to District 34. He's been a legendary bully hunter since he was a young boy. But after growing up, with a knack for fighting yet no aptitude for mana, he ended up a misfit, jobless college graduate.

He always wanted to live in a time like the Three Kingdoms, when there was a lot of fighting and struggle, because in the peaceful era of modern times, he was a useless surplus human being.

When he fell asleep on the eve of his discharge from the army, he woke up in a different world, a world of strife, where he fought for 20 years and eventually rose to the position of lord.

Yet one day, a dungeon spawned in that world, and the moment he spoke the word logout, he was back in the original world. It turns out that the world he lived in was a video game world, a pay-to-win game for pigs.


Reason for translating: This is decently long (513 chapters, ongoing) and currently popular in Korea. Author Park Geon has two completed works on Wuxiaworld already - Above Your Head and DIO.



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