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KAIST University Genius' Post-Divorce Regression (결혼생활 실패 후 다시 사는 천재 카이스트생)

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Name: KAIST University Genius Regresses After Divorce

Raw Link: https://series.naver.com/novel/detail.series?productNo=8538510

Tags: System, Quantum Physics, Urban, Harem, Regression, Genius MC


Synopsis: 2028. Han Kyung-Jun, a genius physicist cracked the secrets of the Quantum Light-Based Computer. Yet, betrayed by his wife and research advisor, his research was stolen and his life lost.

2008. 20 years back in time, the genius physicist is now a middle school student. With all his efforts, he will raise the world of the 21st Century to the Quantum Era.

NOTE: Author has a PHD in Physics and writes the novel for his science nerd kin - but he put effort in his writing to make it easier reading for laypersons. Still, this novel's  translation will be hell for anyone not well-versed in reading research papers.

And yeah, system and harem are really tags for this novel, no joking.


MC puts more heart into the emails exchanged with Stephen Hawking compared to his GFs though, so be warned.


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5 hours ago, rkumar18 said:

Sounds really different from other novels.

Yeah. You can compare it to Past Life Returner, with MC's past life as a Wall-Street wolf, giving him vital future knowledge steeped in RL economics and shaping his ruthless personality. This MC has backstory in science (not economics).


Difference: this one has MC being a quantum physicist from the future - that's all his backstory. This one DOESN'T have Gates, Apocalypse and Civilizational Collapse though - so MC isn't a cold-blooded murderer who NEEDS to dominate the modern era to save it. He doesn't even like killing people, really.


MC is heavily pro-US, pro-democracy, anti-communism & anti-China tho. So this will be controversial AF but might print money if you consider the userbase.

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