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夜的命名术 — Night’s Nomenclature

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Chinese Title: 夜的命名术

English Title: Night’s Nomenclature

Link: Qidian

I quit remember reading this title a year ago. At that time, it was being translated by a fan translation group since Web Novel at that time only translated 40 chapters and dropped it. I read at least around 90 chapters and put a hold on because fan translation in terms of publication is unreliable if it isn’t being done by any diligent group that has a translator as a backbone or that translator & editor wants to work on. Since than it’s been around a year, I was surfing the internet to look for any good titles and stumbled upon this long-lost relic, got to know that the group that worked on it has since stopped releasing any new chapters, stopping at around 200 or so.

Novel Updates’ review gave it 4.6 rating, my own would be 8/10. This one isn’t a xianxia but an urban sci-fi mystery-comedy xuanhuan. Set in a modern like setting and the genres are more like an amalgamation of all genres like Invaders of Rokujima!? Japanese Light Novel. Right, this novel is completed with around 1000 chapters, no more than 1100 chapters. I have more to say about the plot, but it would be best to see the reviews by NU since they gave a full long review.

I assume many of us has looked at it on NU or read it because of its rating. I’ll leave the links to Web Novel’s page and NU’s page for cross reference.

Web Novel: Web Novel

Novel Updates: NU

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