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Malfunctioning Utopia / 故障乌托邦

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In a world propelled by unparalleled technological advancements where there are modified metallic prosthetics, AI companions, neural networks within the mind, and cyberspace, life is reshaped by technology akin to magic. Diseases once considered incurable, like cancer, are now effortlessly managed by nanomedical robots.

However, this new pinnacle of technology brings forth unforeseen challenges. As society embraces these innovations, it grapples with a new wave of complications, troubles, and the emergence of an unanticipated menace: the “Cyberpsychosis.”


This is an ongoing novel is written by Foxtail Quill, who also wrote Dao of the Bizarre Immortal and Shrouded Seascape. Those two are great novels in my opinon, so this work shouldn't be far off. Anyway, the synopsis also seems interesting.

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