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Hello, I have a dilemma. I previously read Absolute Resonance for free (relatively), 1 chapter per day. But I realized that this was not enough for me and decided to buy a champion subscription for $5. And what exactly has changed? I still read 1 chapter a day, but now I pay $5 for it. Although I can do it for free. If this is for the sake of those 2 chapters (and only them) that I read in 3 minutes, then I think that it is not worth $5. Actually here is the question. Am I really going to pay $5 a month to read 1 chapter a day. Although, again, I can do this for free. I paid for a whole month, but only received 3 minutes of reading time. What will I do for the rest of the approximately 29 days and 23 hours? In addition, this work is translated not only into English, but also into other languages, and there for the same $5 you can buy more than 20 chapters.
P.S Sorry for my English, I'm not a native speaker.

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And it's all? Be 2 chapters ahead of free users. And what should I do with these? Show off to them? I'm not 5 years old. So you mean next month. When I pay another $5, will I get "nothing"? Every month I will pay $5 and not teach anything in return? Just the fact that I am 2 chapters ahead of other users. #$&@. This is some new way of mocking the poor. Like "haha I'm 2 chapters ahead of you, beggar"

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yes, that and paying $5 to avoid a cliff are the intended uses.

higher tiers are much more useful.  you can subscribe a month, read a bulk batch, then wait a few months before subscribing again to read another batch.

if I were in your position, I would be disappointed as well, but I can only recommend inspecting the product carefully before purchasing: it clearly states what you will receive.

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