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Recommend webnovels like ATG and NSHBA

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I used these two webnovels(ATG= Against the Gods; NSHBA= Nine Star Hegemon Body Art) because of one similar aspect "GOOSEBUMPS" 

I need other chinese webnovels where Authors give a vast amount of priority to delivering stunning and goosebumps moments with amazing literal skills rather than fighting all the times(I think NSHBA is kinda more on the action side. Anyway it does give goosebumps). ofcourse I don't mind action, I don't even mind some average plots. But when authors describes some situations so incredibly and give a gentle stroke on our emotions, that's what I find truly novel-like. and OFCOURSE it'd a plus point if there's romance subplots and a huge amount of developments between the characters( like [Zhui Xu], [108Maidens of Destiny] [Dragon King's son-in-law] don't know if you guys have read them or not)

Anyway, that's all. Pls give your recommendations if you find anything that matches my requirements.

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