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What kind of things would you like to see in a Wuxia based TTRPG?


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I have no clue if this will ever come to anything, but I'm making a TTRPG (Table Top Role Playing Game) based around the Wuxia settings. Mainly because I couldn't find one, and it sounded fun to make.

There are fun troupes like coughing up blood if you get too angry, possibly killing someone from anger, heart devils, tribulation lightning, alchemy, formations, and more. But I'm curious as to what kinds of things people think would fit well into such a game?

The core stats that characters have will be Qi, Spirit, and Body. Based on the 3 main cultivation paths found throughout many novels. Plus a large amount of skills that people can specialize in such as Alchemy, self control, formations, meditation,  karma, etc.

The things already included:

  • Breakthroughs to new realms
  • Tribulation lightning
  • Heart Devils
  • Anger points ("He was so angry he coughed up a mouthful of blood.")
  • Inheritances
  • Skills (Alchemy, Formations, Meditation, etc)
  • Karma

Keep in mind no novel specific things will be added. Only general things like overcoming tribulations, finding inheritances, preparing for breakthroughs by consuming pills and things like that.

Things are in very early stages at the moment, but I would love to get some input from fellow Wuxia fans. So what are some fun troupes, ingredients, items, sayings, or other fun things common throughout Wuxia novels as a whole? Or anything you personally think would be fun in such a game.

Also any name suggestions for NPC's that will be included as characters in the core rules are very welcome. No matter how many novels I read I just can't seem to come up with Chinese names.

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Just so you know, what you're describing is not wuxia. It's xianxia or xuanhuan. 

If you want help with Chinese names, you can use a naming guide I generated for the wuxia ttrpg I designed.

Black and white version.

Color version.

Those are for actual names. If you're looking for colorful nicknames, daoist names, etc., you can use the xianxia name generator I designed.

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