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Best Tribulations Novel

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What novel do you think has the best Tribulations ?

Tribulation to ascend to the next Cultivation stage are found in almoast every novel here and I especially love to read those chapters.

I have read alot of novels on this website and i`d love to hear which novels y`all find to have the best Heavenly Tribulations.

My favoutites would be


ISSTH Meng Haos

NSHBA Long Chens

ATG Yun Ches

Desolate Era Ji Nings

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I didn't read ATG as I didn't like the protagonist. Not entirely sure what NSHBA stands for? I think if I had to make a choice I would say ISSTH's tribulations are better done compared to Desolate Era. I mean -- I'm rereading Desolate Era right now but even I'll admit that the author isn't particularly great.

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