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Anyone else hate author debuffs on OP characters

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I get that it is difficult to maintain tension in a story where the main character is overpowered, but some author's have shown us that it is possible.

Unfortunately, a lot of author's would rather resort to constantly debuff the character. 

That miracle drug MC found 28 chapters ago is suddenly causing a problem?  Sure.  MC is dealing with yet another inner demon and must seal his cultivation?  Why not.  MC got some mysterious wound from an entity he killed in one chapter that forces him to seal a part of his powers?  Ok.  The power MC recently leveled is too powerful and MC loses control, so MC needs to temporarily stop using it?  ...

For those books, the pattern is too predictable:  debuff, resolve through upgrade, new debuff, repeat.  As the word count increases, the reasons only grow more and more ridiculous.  Poisoned by some pretty girl, MC makes the reader wonder if author also applied an intelligence debuff.

I hate this sort of pattern.  Anyone else?

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Well, if the debuff makes sense according the worldbuilding and cultivation system and, of course, logic, then I have no problems with debuffs at all. It can be interesting to see how even normally overpowered protagonists deal with setbacks and stuff. A good writer should definitely be able to pull this off.

Obviously, I'm not refererring to rinse and repeat of some bullshit that an author might keep throwing at the MC senselessly to both nerf him constantly and also stretch the story for the word count. Things have to feel natural and realistic enough inside of the story and of course the protagonist shouldn't suddenly act out of character to acquire that debuff in the first place.

So, yeah, when the MC suddenly acts like a fool and gets his ass poisened for no good reason, that's just bad. Really really bad. So bad I'd rant about it in the comments 😅

And if the author then keeps it up and links that shit up like a chain, I can only keep ranting and eventually leave a bad review for the bad novel it is or became. It's true that the amount of bullshit tends to increase the longer a novel gets, which is why some reviews actually tell you to stop reading when the MC leaves the first continent, world or plane of existence if you know what I mean.

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I agree that they should make sense.  But that is only the basic requirement.  Even with regular debuffs, they should be unpredictable and not the only means of story development.  If I can predict the arrival of a new debuff and the way it will be solved - by gaining yet another powerful thingamajig, it is simply frustrating.

As for the final part of your comment, I completely agree.  Nowadays, I always try to read a few reviews by people who are caught up with a novel before I decide to give it a try.  Relying simply on the average rating to select novels is notoriously unreliable as most reviews seem to be from people who read less than 100 chapters.

Too many promising novels turn to waste in the later chapters.

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