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Dominating Sword Immortal

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Jian Dao Du Zun or 剑道独尊

It clocks in at about ~60% completed translation on Qidian at https://www.webnovel.com/book/dominating-sword-immortal_6831841802000505###

It has been more than 3 years since any translation work was done on it and I know that there is precedent for a Qidian work getting translated over here.

It is about a transmigrator who came to exist in a new body in a cultivation world and his classic (cliche?) struggles to make it to the top. His twist that helps him succeed is the fusion of souls that occurred when he came to the world and the size/capacity of his soul and the benefits it gives. This is tied into what I like most about this novel: modifying and even creating new techniques for himself as he travels/trains. I always feel that if no one can modify let alone create skills to use at a given cultivation realm then how did the pioneers of new realms have such?

If anyone has suggestions about other novels where the character(s) get to make or modify their techniques, then please share as those types of novels feel a little more personal to me (just like they are for their cultivator!).

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Ah, I remember this novel, one of the first ones I read by MTL. Author died while serializing his ongoing novel in 2022, RIP.


About ongoing novels, Yuan's Ascension is a new one with MC being a old and experienced at technique creation. Splitting the Heavens also has MC making and modifying techniques with the help of his cheat.


Completed novel-wise, Coiling Dragon and other stuff from IET have good technique creation and modification elements.

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Thanks for the recommendations! I do enjoy novels from IET and am catching up on Yuan's so I will have to look up/at Splitting the Heavens.

I'm sorry to hear that he passed away as I quite liked what I read that was translated.

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