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Request for Harem Titles Recommendation

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So, you guys know that Wuxiaworld doesn't have a 'harem' tag in their filters, and neither is it in the About tab of any novel. Because of this, it becomes very difficult to find a harem novel in Wuxiaworld for a harem enthusiast like me, since I have to take a guess from the novel description or cross-check it from novelupdates, which is quite bothersome. 

Can you please recommend me some harem themed novels which are available on Wuxiaworld?

Thanks in advance!

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These are still ongoing so no idea where the count will end.

Nine star hegemon body art, our boy LC picks up a beauty or two everywhere he goes. Even has a couple in the underworld.

Martial God Asura, CF has a built in harem with a few treats. Most of the time they are MIA pop in and out every couple hundred chapters or so..

Emperors Domination, lost track of how many wives, concubines, maids and foot stools LQ has

Completed Novels

Battle through the Heavens, a couple of wives, love interests, XY got around but not as much as we thought.

Wu Dong Qian Kong, LD has two wives and a couple of waifu he looked at.


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Second Coming of Gluttony (SCOG)

You could also search on novelupdates for novels with the harem tag and from the group wuxiaworld.



Spoilers ahead, not for the sensitive soul.







In Second Coming, there are harem-esque elements from the near beginning, though if you want more direct descriptions of s*x, that is in the extra chapters (lots of extra chapters).

Heavy s***t:

If you find novels from wuxiaworld that have a harem, never, NEVER, ever read Martial God Asura. The MC is a f****g r*pist.

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Also, I heard A Will Eternal by Er Gen has a harem - though I haven't read it.


Also, ISSTH (I Shall Seal The Heavens) - has a lot of beauties in it, and they make constant appearances, though, it is not R-18+.

For R-18+ novels, there is a clue in what I have said before.... 

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On 1/25/2024 at 11:36 PM, KenWright said:

Also, I heard A Will Eternal by Er Gen has a harem - though I haven't read it.


Yes, it does. Love Saint Bai even gives advice to anyone who would receive it that having only 1 Dao Companion is for the best 🙂

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Okay guys as far as I know he's a list of harem (here when we mean harem it means a true harem and not just love interests):

01. Against The Gods

02. Keyboard Immortal

03. Divine Throne of Primordial Blood

04. A Will Eternal

05. Martial God Asura

06. Nine Star Hegemony Body Art


Please keep updating this list to help fellow degenerates!

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