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Unsheathed - PV available on YT, an air date has not be released but it is supposed to be out Spring of 2024.

Dragon Prince Yuan / Yuan Zun- PV available on YT, an air date was in 2023 but since then no date has been set. 

Emperors Domination - PV available on YT, an air date has not been released. 


If anyone has any others, please add to this post so that we all can keep an eye out for the adaptations. 🙏🏼

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4 hours ago, Slowestbirthday said:

Unrelated, but "A Will Eternal" will soon have a live adaptation drama. Its donghua's season 3 is also premiering soon

Thank you for the heads up an adding to the list. Going to go and check MDL and add it to my watch list. 🙏🏼

FYI checked on MDL and this is the synopsis given, not sure how I feel about it being tagged as a rom/com.

"Bai Xiao Chun, a kind-hearted and free-spirited, always uses his own methods to help people who he thinks are in need. This leads to many hilarious situations, and he is regarded by villagers as a rebellious kid. After he gets into the famous Ling Xi Sect, he meets a few like-minded friends, each with their own capabilities and quirks. Together, they form a team set to uphold justice. A few years later, Bai Xiao Chun grows up and becomes a hot-blooded and responsible young hero. Bai Xiao Chun sets out on a journey to restore world peace and, in the process, gains friendship and love."

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