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People who have read more than 30+ chapters of a WW novel, check and justify the rating. (Label spoilers plz)

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Firstly and obviously, Rule 1 is to justify ratings of novels which are up on WW. If you are linking to a novel that was up on Wuxiaworld and taken down, link Novelupdates. If was a original like Blue Phoenix, link RRL/ Scribblehub/ whatever is cool now. You can talk about a lesser known, non WW novel which isn't one of the usual suspects - just link to the rating and justify it. (Personal request: don't advertise LoTM/ Reverend Insanity/ Grasping Evil. Especially the last one, plz don't.)


If you think the rating is wrong/ biased/ agenda, state WHY clearly. Brackets is a sample review which is definitely not my opinion, really. (Coiling Dragon's 91% rating is biased because it was the first WW novel. It is mid if you are objective. WOTMW is definitively better.)


Also default assumption is that you are talking about the translation up on WW. If you are NOT, state it clearly.

If you've read in native language, watched animation/Live-Action and skipped novel arc/ read manhwa and skipped novel arcs or (gasp!) read MTL... plz MENTION IT beforehand.


I'll start by justifying the (not) peak fiction The Legendary Spearman Return which has the lowest rating of 32%). Read until I dropped at ch. 85.


Rating is justified because it is super cliche and author's writing isn't good. Only the translator (and editor/ proofreader etc.) salvages it but a bucket can't put out the dumpster fire.


We start with OP-at-9-years-old Regressor MC on a revenge quest... but revenge target is also a child. MC isn't instantly killing the enemy because he wants the revenge target to seize power and authority, killing a morbillion people on the path to power, because 'muh warrior mindset' or something.


Also author is bad at writing politics and non-wartime factional strife and doesn't realize it, so the first arc is seriously the worst. Honestly read better MTL novels. But I like the translation so I'll pick it back up later on. Maybe after trying manhwa.


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Second Life Ranker, rated 79%. Personally the rating should be 89% but it is a novel completed around 2 years ago with no romance and lots of backstabbing, not to the public's taste. It has good plot, intelligent and plotting side characters, cold blooded and ruthless MC + solid powerlevels and powerscaling.

I would say the translation and writing is very very good, no long run-on sentences like most CN novels. It doesn't have harem + romance is kinda negligible


Author filled the lacking part in post epilogue side stories, so I can't flame about it, unfortunate.


Anyway, it is a top-tier KR Revenge Tower Climber. MC takes revenge on everyone who betrayed him and his loved ones.


The list is short at start, but it gets longer and longer and longer... Completely justified because MC's personality is horrible and his family ain't lacking either, 4/7 would betray them myself.

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Beyond the Timescape:, rated 98% last I checked. I would say it is deserving of the rating. It's Er Gen's latest novel which already says a lot on its own. The setting is a sort of dystopian post apocalyptic and while the MC isn't the most appealing to me as he's similar to quite a few of the other "cold callous cruel bloodthirsty ruthless" MCs out there, Er Gen puts his horror writing skills to their best in creating a hellscape of an oriental take on Lovecraftian elements merged with traditional Chinese occult themes.


The worldbuilding is fantastic which is hardly surprising because it is Er Gen, and the cultivation is really interesting. It also has a number of elements tat aren't often seen in other wuxia/xianxia novels such as 


actually going out to sea in a magical boat. Most xianxia/xuanhuan settings don't have nautical elements much less have their MCs explore the ocean, so this is a nice change.

Also unlike other novels where the older generation is basically the same as the younger generation, just as easily riled up, quick to anger and equally brainless (I'm looking at you Nine Star Hegemon Body Art!), the older generation in this one are actually smart. In general they are much more knowledgeable and composed than their younger hotheaded juniors which should be the case if you think about it. The really smart ones are able to construct grand schemes that determine the fate of a sect or even a country and we actually get to see such schemes (the MC is even a part of such schemes at times, but is not the central figure, nice to have plotlines not always revolve around the MC instead of showcasing a much wider social and political background) and how they play out. Er Gen actually managed the mystery elements of the story really well, not just general mysteries of the setting but also the schemes and plots of these old monsters. Old ginger is definitely spicier in Beyond the Timescape (not to say that the younger people are all idiots, but their seniors leave them in the dust overall when it comes to smarts)


I've read ahead of even the translation on wuxiaworld on another site and I have to say that translation wise, Deathblade delivers the same sort of quality that has come to be expected in all his other works. Apart from a few minor issues I had with some of the chosen terms of translation, the quality of his translation beats the other translation I know of by a country mile.


This is also a story that keeps getting better and better. I've read a particular arc and had the impression that is was one of the best arcs I've read in a cultivation story in a long time...and then the next one comes along and one ups that easily. And that's been going for a bit now, so yeah. It keeps getting better which is good news (also the character development, who doesn't love some good character development).


While Xu QIng is not the most interesting character I've seen, there are interesting characters in the story apart from him. One in particular has become a favorite of many and plays no small part in the popularity of the novel. The interactions that play off between this character and the MC are a pleasure to read about (and can be pretty funny too).

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