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Can't remember the name of this (Chinese?) cultivation novel


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Hopefully someone can help. Here are some vague points I remember from the story. I might be misremembering some these but the majority should be right:

  • MC is maybe from the future or another world or reincarnated but has a lot of knowledge on cultivation
  • I think the initial setup is that cultivation is mainly done through animal/plant source spirits and those are passed through bloodlines so the governments are set up around noble families/clans rather than traditional cultivation sects (but sects still exist in the margins)
  • MC went into a hidden world as part of a sect trial where he harvested lots of sacred herbs but decided to stay behind after it closed only to break out later
  • Has a female harem member who has a butterfly source spirit (?) with illusion powers
  • Another female harem member is introduced later coming from a pocket universe where the limit on her growth was dictated by the laws of her universe
  • MC spent a fairly long arc behind enemy lines during a war performing hit-and-run attacks
  • MC had a barbarian (?) assistant at one point who couldn't cultivate in the traditional way but learned a lot of the MC's knowledge/scientific methods
  • MC eventually develops a sect built across a mountain chain where he figures out a way to give people source spirits even if they don't have them. This was a big deal because sects didn't use to have this much importance.
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I am a Chinese novel reader, I tell the truth, you said these conditions are too broad, I go to the starting point of Chinese online search may find a lot, considering that the number of English novel websites that have been translated is relatively small, as well as the power of blood inheritance you said, it may be one of the series of "Douro Continent", or it may be "Where the Witch Runs Away", the details are too few. It's hard for me to judge.

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Those who liked Divine Throne of Primordial Blood might want to look up Aspiring to the Immortal Path by the same author. Am currently reading this and it's pretty damn good with a clever MC with good comprehension, though the style is closer to he traditional xianxia sect life plus cultivation. It's not on wuxiaworld though.

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