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Episode 2 of the Overly Competent Villain (지나치게 유능했던 악당의 2회차)

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Raw Link: https://novel.munpia.com/362202

Tags: noir x korean × regression × harem × villain mc × mass appeal novel

Synopsis: The isekaied reincarnator was a bit too competent as a villain. And so, the world was destroyed.

“Ah, this isn't good.”

With the Archmage, regress and save the world!


NOTE: Author has written two novels which have manhwa adaptations as well (https://www.novelupdates.com/nauthor/사람살려/). Novel is noir genre and somewhat inspired by the TV show Blacklist. I tagged it as 'mass appeal' because it is a mass appeal harem novel.

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On 12/14/2023 at 7:41 PM, BakeKuroNeko said:

I seem to have read author's work before; I mean the manhwa version. I manhwa, novel in question is The Knight King Who Returned with a God. Decent plot wise. Nothing too special nothing too bad. 

The novel combines lots of tags which were popular on Wuxiaworld years ago - Smart + Schemer + Evil MC & Harem with Personality.

Author is pretty good at writing Enemies to Lovers which is my favorite romance tag. Heroines are pretty heroic and MC corrupting them is a nice plot.

Also the world of the novel isn't a generic game-fantasy Systems/ Gates & Humters, it is actually a somewhat original setup based off USA.

It is a very mass appeal type of novel, author caters to what the masses like.

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