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Drama Which Also an Adaptation of Novel (Officially Translated)

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Hello everyone~ It's been a long time since the last time I check wuxiaworld. When I come again, I had a question in this forum. Write it right away after log in.


Anyway, I'm in need of resources for my undergraduate paper. My actual object was Mo Bao Fei Bao works - Honey Stewed Squid/ Go Go Squid - on two different kinds (novel to drama).  The problem is, turned out the translation was gone. I changed to the  new one Love Me, Love My Voice - adaptation from Really, Really Miss You - still on-going.  Another problem arises, it's not official translation.

Hence I come here to ask about many of those translated in this site, which one already get a drama adaptation. Except Wu Dong Qiang Kun and BTTH. I need something that I enjoy not just reading it, but also watch as well. Those two I enjoy reading it, but not so for watching. I'm already on dead end because what I'm about to research is comparative study between novel and drama.  Wuxiaworld is included as official translation as well.


Another site or printed books also fine to me. Again as long as it's official translation that I can take responsibility with it. I really really need it. I know Princess Agent from webnovel, but I still can't fathom the tragedy/ g0re of that novel.



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First immortal of the sword has an animation based on it. No clue if that would help you but it's certainly something that might help give an idea. You'd have to ask Seth (the translator) or dig up the old messages in the FIOTS channel on discord (which should be relatively easy if its looking for videos) as the animation is under a completely different name. Can't say if there's an official translation for the animation but hope that helps even a little bit!

There's also tales of demons and gods but the author and animations are both... oh boy not good

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Why not try novels from classic wuxia writers like Gu Long, Wang Dulu, Jin Yong. These three are prominent and many of their works have been officially translated (books) and made into TV dramas like Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger by Wang Dulu, Demi-Gods, Semi-Devils and The Smiling, Proud Wanderer and The Return of the Condor Heroes from Jin Young. Honestly, there are many works that are both officially translated and made into TV drama, for more reference check WuxiaSociety – English translations of epic wuxia novels. They have some information about official translations and where you can buy them, plus in-house unofficial translations by wuxia fans. 

Most of the popular novels turned popular TV dramas having official English translation are far and few between. And sometimes these official translations are abridged, making them slightly different than what the author intended to write. Select and see what works and what don't. Another one I'd like to mention would be Nirvana in Fire, but I have no idea if it had gotten any official translation since what I've read is fan translation. 

Hope you find this comment helpful, and best of luck for your work. 

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