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Funniest Novel

Funniest Novel   

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  1. 1. Funniest Novel Among These?

    • Cultivation Chat Group
    • A Will Eternal
    • The Strongest System
    • Ultimate Scheming System

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Apart from Cultivation Chat Group and A Will Eternal, never read the other 2. AWE or the win as the humor remains fresh and relevant throughout the story. Cultivation Chat Group basically lost the plot by trying too hard for humor so much so that the characters (and even the general public in the novel) descended to levels of mental retardation with their quirky and odd personalities and unhygenic levels of pettiness. Having a character court death and actually die because that character "loved courting death" is an example of how not to write interesting characters. It was this reason why I dropped the story. (there were other problems like the clearly projected Gary Stu Bai who was so much of a Gary Stu that the story sought to introduce another of him).

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