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I posted a comment through the app on the announcement about the launch of the new app and it disappeared, either deleted or just a bug. Wasn't anything crazy so I really don't think it was deleted and think it just vanished.

That being said, I've always thought about how convenient it would be to add the Recently Read scroll bar to the website but never really had a place to voice that or cared enough to propose it. The new app reworked the Recently Read tab and you can effectively view your reading history for the past 3 novels you've read. Although I don't know the exact number, the old scroll bar could show me novels in order from months ago that I forgot I was reading. It's super convenient, would be the only way I get to the novels I'm staying caught up on. Plus, a quick scroll to the side and I can see novels I forgot I was reading and have had quite a few chapters build up to binge. So yeah, ik the new app was kinda getting chewed apart on the announcement and I agree with that general sentiment but here's my two cents on a specific thing that could be added/changed. Sorry it feels like all new changes being introduced just get hate initially but if there's one thing I've found you can guarantee about readers of translated novels its that we can act a bit spoiled. 

I got an iPhone 12, iOS 16.1.1 if that actually was a bug and not just my comment getting sniped or not showing up for me. 

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