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Wuxia-Themed Persistent Browser-Based Game: The Three Realms!


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Hello everyone,

I wanted to announce the alpha testing launch of a new Persistent Browser-Based Game called The Three Realms.

The game is very much a work-in-progress, but I'm looking for testers and people who love the genre to give me some great feedback. 

 Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/CKr3BfcptG
 Come try the game in its first version: https://the3realms.com

What is The Three Realms?

The Three Realms is a Persistent Browser-Based Game set in a world of martial prowess, ancient mysteries, and boundless adventure!

The Story

Step into the mystical lands of "The Three Realms", where the Celestial, Mortal, and Nether domains converge. You are an aspiring martial artist, caught in a web of destiny that transcends lifetimes. From the humble beginnings of the lowest-ranking martial sect, rise to command respect and power, navigating challenges that test both your combat skills and moral choices.

Important Features

  • Martial Arts Mastery
  • Soulbound Artifacts
  • Crafting
  • Epic Quests
  • Dark Whispers
  • and constant updates!

Free to Play

The Three Realms is a completely ad-free, free to play game.


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seems like an interesting concept but it's super scuffed as it is right now. the website is really clunky and the links reload the page (in some browsers opening it in a new tab). the combat menu is super opaque and it's very unclear what's actually going on when we click "fight", especially given how static all the pages are. sure, the numbers tell us how to win, but nothing tells me the character is actually in combat when i click the fight button and there's no flavor text beyond "you won" or "you lost" to add context. there are a lot of good browser-based idle games out there, but if making this game web-based is a ux limitation you can't figure out how to get past, you should probably just make it as a regular game. it also kinda looks like this game has fallen into the blunder of writing a lot of plot and story (given the quest descriptions and stuff) before properly fleshing out the game mechanics and ux. integrating writing with game design is much harder than just designing a fun game or just writing an engaging plot. anyway, good luck, i hope you stick with developing it.

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Thank you for the honest feedback!

The game as it is now was developed in only a month as part of the PBBG Game Jam competition. I utilized this event to motivate getting as much production done as I could in that time.

Everything you said is absolutely on my list to improve on. While I am inviting people to participate as part of the Game Jam, I do ask that everyone realize that this is an alpha, first look version of the game just to get some awareness and initial feedback going. 

There is absolutely going to be an immense amount of polishing that happens between now and launch.

Thank you again for your feedback!

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