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A Sorcerer's Journey - 巫师之旅


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Description Novelupdate

“With my knowledge, give me a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world!”

Sorcerer Continent—a world where sorcerers exist. Wielders of arcane knowledge. Masters of all elements. Sovereigns of space and time. These sorcerers governed the world with their unrivalled prowess. One day, a young man awakened into this world with his past forgotten and no place to call home. Follow along as Glenn, by relying on his luck and wit, tries to survive and advance in this unforgiving world. Entangled within the machinations of fate, political schemes, power struggles and wars, he forges his own path and creates a place for himself.


I think that WuxiaWorld should consider licensing this novel, which is a treasure trove of unique storytelling. It's not every day readers find a narrative where the protagonist's power and knowledge unfold in such a realistic and measured manner. The character's evolution is commendable—no sudden leaps to greatness, just hard-earned progress.

The world-building is deep and morally textured, promising readers an immersive experience reminiscent of old-school sorcery. Despite a pacing that could be slowed to let moments linger, the novel offers a compelling depth, particularly in the careful expansion of the universe over hundreds of chapters.

The depiction of societal structures and power dynamics is sophisticated, steering clear of clichéd tropes. It presents a protagonist who defies the typical overpowered archetype, instead highlighting intelligence and perseverance. For fans seeking depth and a protagonist's thoughtful ascent to power, this novel is a gem waiting to be polished by WuxiaWorld's touch.

In short, this novel has the makings of a WuxiaWorld hit, with its nuanced take on magic and growth, set in a meticulously crafted world. It's time this story gets the quality translation and wider audience it deserves.

Note: There is no Harem.

So please Wuxiaworld translate this novel too alongside The kingdoms Bloodline, this is a another masterpiece.🙇‍♂️

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