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Gifting Karma?

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I would love an option to gift karma since I have friends that doesnt live in the US and getting Karma there is significantly more expensive or hard to do without online payment options.


Would love to be able to purchase giftcodes/karma for friends.

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I would love to be your friend 😆 like your thought process. Transfer karma is a nice option which they could implement for free karma first. 


After a long time i convinced my friend to use this site but he was checkmated by karma lock 🔐 so he just ditched the site and went to read it in pirated sites like he used to read 🥲 


I too can do the same but I love to read and write ✍️ comments so that isn't so convenient for me cause webnovel was shite and then I discover light novel c@ve  which is very strict in comments but definitely has huge userbase so there is that. 

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