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Dao of the Bizarre Immortal

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At this point of the story (c19), i don't know whether i should continue to read it or just drop it. What attracted me in the novel was the fact that story took place in both a modern set up and a cultivation world. Now that it's only the later(at least for now) it became boring. At the same time i find it hard to believe that the evil guy could get this strong without knowing how to read. It feels a bit too convenient and forced.

Will it get better?

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i read untill chapter 27. I am pilling up chapters to binge read and decide to invest my time on it or not. (while in  the mean time i try to caught up to other novels in my bookmark). I can tell u that we will see the modern world again (He is not dead from the poison is bcause the doctor in modern world did emergency treatment the moment he consume it, thats why the bad guy dead n he is alive)

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