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  1. Hey thanks for the great questions! So for the first one, we were in a heated debate when we first translated it. Calling him Leprosy Head doesn't sound right in informal speech so we settled on Baldy because 1. Leprosy causes bald patches and 2. it sounds more natural in informal speech. Second question! We don't pay the artist because we don't use it for commercial causes. For this novel, I share the fan art and give credit to the artist, including their handle and where to find their artwork. We don't use it to advertise or promote the novel but rather to give readers a better sense of how the characters may look like. As for the webnovel and paper book, that's up for further discussion with the author, publisher, and the team at Wuxiaworld. We don't know if we will get it but it's very exciting if we could! The novel is quite famous in China with a decent fan base and even talks of getting it animated.
  2. It's mostly the people he care about, or him finding out there might be a clue to cure his current predicarment. He definitely does have a love interest, Yang Na, but so far he's thinking that she's just an illusion but the author haven't written anything about whether she's real or not
  3. He does have a clear goal for each arc. It's just one thing after the other for him haha
  4. Well he's more powerful in the ancient world that's for sure, with all his powers and stuff. And the MC does have a lot of enemies in the novel but he also has a lot of allies. He's just living with his sheer willpower at this point tbh haha
  5. Quite a lot. Mostly when I read it for the first time and then refer to the fanart haha
  6. I think it got censored a bit. I read the MTL chapters and it seems more brutal. The version we received was probably edited so it's not that offputting.
  7. If you mean the fan arts, I got it off Douyin from an artist called 格子的乱七八糟. His work can also be found on bilibili and weibo
  8. It's a different novel than your regular xianxia novels that's leaning more towards real ancient China. It describes a lot of supernatural beings and how people in ancient China would deal with them in the past, eg: Shamans and stuff. It offers insight into how people react to the supernatural, how certain traditions and rituals come to be, and how superstitious people were in the past. The entire premise of the novel is also very bizarre that it captures your attention, and at certain times it's just one big WTF. Pretty good read I would say. The fact that there's a fanbase in China and that there were talks of animating the novel is indicative of how well-received it is. It also gave me a headache to translate while conveying its original meaning though haha
  9. There is, but you won't get to read it until very late in the chapters. In the first half its mostly about how he just tries to survive. The cultivation in this world is not normal to be honest, and its more ritualistic for the most part. It's definitely very different from your normal novels where MC gets a martial technique, practice it while circulating his Qi, and then suddenly knows how to use it. This novel is all about equal exchange, ie: Use three months of life span to command and summon the Wandering Gods
  10. It will have 1025 chapters or maybe more if we get to translate the additional chapters about the side characters haha. As for his subordinates ... some of them will have a happy ending, two of them have a massive impact on the story later on, and one of them is a huge ass B**** There will be an explanation of why he got sick, but it's in later chapters. This novel is one where the author confuses you a lot in the beginning, but as you get to the later chapters, the puzzle pieces clicks and you will finally know what was happening in the earlier chapters.
  11. I started learning Chinese when I was young. Being born in Malaysia, we get to learn three different languages during our 12 years of education, and even after that, we get exposed to multiple languages talking to people every day so it's quite automatic for me to translate stuff from Chinese to English. Usually, I just type on the fly while I read the chapter. Translation is only hard for me when they pull out stuff like scriptures and whatnot and I have to refer to a lot of materials to make sure it can be translated accurately. I started my translation journey when a friend recommended me to try it out when WuxiaWorld had an opening, which was kinda fun haha. So far my favorite novel is definitely DBI, with how wacky it is. Joke of the day: I'm so Asian, that my pronouns are ... Heeeeeee / Yah!
  12. Hey thanks for the question! When we translate, we will adhere to guidelines so the chapters will be consistent. The only thing we might disagree on is the name. For example, some translators would prefer to translate the name as it is while others would write its meaning instead. Example: 金龙 = Golden Dragon or Jin Long. In this case, we will read the chapters ahead and see which would fit better. Certain novels are much better off writing their pinyin rather than their meaning.
  13. The novel does drop some hints here and there, but usually without knowing what was happening the hints would be useless. It's only when you read the future chapters and you realize what was happening in the past chapters. Its one of those novels where everything made sense once you get to the final chapter, and then you reread it again with a better understanding. Honestly this is like a souls game in novel form
  14. It does get more interesting, though the author focuses more on the other world compared to the modern world. Still, there are some good reasons why the author did that. It's not your regular novel though, and it's more ... bizarre I suppose
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