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How do you think about AI novel? Coud AI write novel?


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I just wanted to start this thread for any interesting tech news people are finding or want to chat about!

I'll start:

How do you think about the AI novel? Could AI write a novel?

Will Wuxiaworld offer a free AI novel from Fanqienovel?

The question of whether AI can write novels is increasingly relevant in today's technology-driven world. With advancements in natural language processing and machine learning, AI has shown remarkable potential for generating coherent and creative text. Tools like OpenAI's GPT-4 have already demonstrated the ability to write stories, generate dialogues, and even create poetry, prompting discussions about the future of novel writing.


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AI novels are still very generic and easily to notice.  The language, the slip ups, you can smell the robot.

While AI is getting better, for now, I have yet to read a good quality AI novel that is not utterly predictable and disgustingly uninspired. 

In the first place, I doubt that the simple large language models tech bros sell as "AI" are capable of producing consistent stories without considerable human assistance.  They are not intelligent, after all.

Humans using AI to write novels?  Why not

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Why bother reading something nobody could be bothered to write?

If a single AI written novel appears or this site I'm permanently cancelling all subscriptions and deleting all bookmarks.

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