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Yenmazing, translator of Genius Archer's Streaming!

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At 9pm EDT on May 26th (which is 6pm PDT, 2am on the 27th for BST, and 9am on the 27th for GMT+8), Yenmazing, the translator of Genius Archer's Streaming, will be hosting a question and answer session!

Feel free to post your questions now in advance, and they'll be responded to once the event starts. You might be interested to know why Yenmazing started translating, what she likes about Genius Archer's Streaming, or simply what her hobbies are. 

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Hi! This isn't a question but I just wanted to say thanks so much for translating Genius Archer's Streaming! It is my favourite novel rn, and I have read more than I care to admit. People looked at me weirdly when I started laughing out loud randomly on the train lol. Maybe they thought I was 'nutty'...

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