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Player Has Reloaded (玩家重载) by Black Light Summer Fire (黑灯夏火)

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Novel Link: https://www.qidian.com/book/1039086130/
Novel Synopsis:
Eternal night draws closer as the Killing Fields descend.
The gods have fallen and hundreds of demons parade the night.
The new era approaches. Will you step onto the stage, announcing its dawn to the world? Or will you linger in the shadows, observing as others struggle to survive?
Free your mind and seize your fate! This is the absolute real game of life-and-death, the global Killing Field!

Why Translate: This novel is the ongoing novel by the author of Gamers Are Fierce. (Has novel and manhua adaptation). I read that novel machine translated in 2022, on the (now defunct) WNMTL website. I must have read 500+ trash xianxia in the lockdown period, and this novel is among the few I fondly remember. I am pretty terrible at reviewing, so you can check a better-written review on Reddit:

The author's writing style mixes satire and realism very well. Also he writes about current events so it can be hit or miss. By the way, I remember this author specifically because he had MC fight the Chinese government agency (Anti-Paranormal Special Bureau) in a arc and didn't get novel banned or chapters redacted. (This happened around the time Reverend Insanity got banned, so nearly every CN author with an ongoing novel inserted narration sucking up to the CCP).

The author definitely isn't afraid to offend with his writing, so sensitive readers be warned.
Spoiler example: One of the early missions in the novel was in


Philippines with MC possessing a special agency soldier in Duterte's War on Drugs

At this point this novel is a recently released hidden gem. I highly recommend Wuxiaworld to get translation rights ASAP.

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