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Auto Complete Daily Check in


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Just a suggestion I have been using this app and website for years and this has always erked me, why not setup the Daily Check in to auto click when we start reading a chapter every day instead of having to remember to tap/click it? if this was implemented not only I but lots of people would have extra karma and possibly spend more time on the app/site reading more interesting stories.

not 100% sure I posted in the right location but it would be considered app feedback to figured I try here lol

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This is a nice request. Auto check in must be easy to implement considering we already have timers for auto chapter unlock. 


But the sad reality is that they want us to do it manually, both opening of chapters every 24 hours instead of simply opening the app - meaning: open all chapters manually to unlock the daily free chapters instead of making them unlock automatically as soon as we open the app (same with check in feature) 


This would a good user retention feature considering a lot of us readers stockpile novels yet forget to open it every single day to 🔓 the chapters and go back to the last read chapter for the bookmark 🥲

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