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ceaseless signal check

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Yes please. It's not just recently but for months now. If I'm in the car reading and am going through a weak signal area, I can just directly throw my phone out the window. It goes so far that I have to download the pages in html and then be able to read while traveling anything longer than 15 min. but who does that when going in an elevator? Or when I'm bringing out the trash and lose wifi for just a second(happened just now that's why I'm ranting here :D) - that can be enough to have reload the whole page(and then relogin/check if I have access to the page and losing the point I was at). I have stopped reading as much as before as waiting and downloading makes more sense now... 

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It has indeed improved massively. Only when having the browser closed for too long does it still happen. I'd consider this solved ✌🏻

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