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Zhui Xu(赘婿) by Angry Banana(愤怒的香蕉)

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this is my first time asking for a licensing. This one is truly a masterpiece but I think it hasn't been picked up yet because of the difficulty of translation or I don't know. I would be really happy if someone picks this up. this is a mixture of slice of life with romance, politics, schemes, war. I really like the slow but momentum gathering progress of this webnovel. and when that accumulated momentum bursts out, it gives such a satisfying feeling. 


Synopsis: At the end of the Wu Dynasty, the years were turbulent, the world was in chaos, Jin and Liao were fighting each other, the situation was turbulent, and a century of humiliation finally saw the first glimmer of the end. Emperor Tianzuo, Wanyan Aguda, Wu Qimai, Genghis Khan, Temujin, Zha Mu He, Chi Laowen, Mu Huali, Borhu, Borshu, Qin Hui, Yue Fei, Li Gang, Zhong Shidao, Tang Ke, Wu Min, Geng Nanzhong, Zhang Bangchang, the contest between loyal ministers and treacherous ministers, the battle between heroes and tyrants Game, the Hulu went south, millions of cavalry knocked on the gate of Yanmen, the country fell, the lives were in ruins, the humiliation and struggle of a country and nation for hundreds of years, the cry, shouts and sorrow of the forerunners...
But a little before that, in the city of Jiangning, undercurrents surged , an inconspicuous little son-in-law from a merchant family, is living a leisurely life with no sense of responsibility and just wants to eat and watch performances...
The original work of the popular film and television series with the same name starring Guo Qilin and Song Yi. (copied from Qidian)


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