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Dragon-Marked War God (龙纹战神) by Su Yue Xi (苏月夕)

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I really enjoyed this novel, however the translator that previously was working on it hasn't made an update in almost 2 years. Since the original novel is complete, I'd really love for someone to pick it up so I can finish and I admire and appreciate the amazing quality of your team's translations.


Please note, the main character of this series is Jiang Chen and is not the same story as Dragon-Blooded War God (龙血战神) by Feng qingyang (风青阳) which you and your team is already working on.

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Not quite. He has a skill that forms dragon seals inside his body, andhe meets a giant yellow dog called Big Yellow, except it is actually a divine Dragon Horse in disguise. His skill also lets him absorb abilities from beast souls (Or at least I think that's what they were called). 


I remember the top level for the Mortal continent he started on is a Combat King. Above it is Combat Emperor then maybe Minor Saint and Major Saint before they need to ascend. 

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Yeah, I remember this... wasn't he like a martial saint before and died and that's how he knows the dragon seals skill? and he has like a monk friend who might have died back then or something? was a good read... i remember wanting it to have been continued but the group wasn't going very fast, and now it sounds like they stopped.  Would be a great pick up for WW.

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