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Novel where the main character doesn't speak then shocks everyone


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I was interested if someone knows a novel where the main character doesn't talk for I believe the first 50 ish chapters, and then when his group was in danger trying to get killed or capture by a different group, he talks to his group telling them about a strategy they can implement too survive, shocking them obviously and being surprised that the strategy is also very good, they do it and they survive. This happens in a forest btw as they were running away. I also remember that the one in charge of their group was a predominant female side character, and this marks about everything that I remember about the story.

If you know the novel or know something similar please let me know. Ive been trying to find it for a long time, even trying chatgpt and bingAI but they haven't helped. 

TLDR: Please help find novel where mc doesnt speak for 50 chapters, then when he does he saves everybody.

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