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Can’t access series

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Trying to read “Unrivaled Martial Emperor”, but every time I try to read a chapter or even see the source page all I get is a network error.

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Personally I have this on all the series since last night, the home page and others work normally and if I try without being connected I don't get the message and I can go to the teaser of a chapter.
On the other hand, I just saw that it was possible to use the direct link of the chapter you want to read, copy the teaser link without being connected and paste afterwards when you are connected.
I use two different browsers so I don't connect or disconnect between actions, but it's possible from just one (https://www.wuxiaworld.com/novel/unrivaled-martial-emperor/ume-chapter-154

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I have the same issue, started happening about 6 hours ago. It happens on all series for me too.

It’s possible to make the popup go away by just selecting “I’ll try later”, twice.

I’ve tried on Chrome and MacOS BigSur, and iOS 17.3.1.

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