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Help Finding Novel?

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So I don't remember many details from the novel but I was hoping my fellow Wuxiaworld readers might be able to help me identify the series. I'll write out what I do remember and hopefully it jogs someone's memory.

1. The MC pretended to have brain damage or be mentally deficint for a while as he was doing his training. I believe he was a servant or slave for this noble family somewhere? If I recall correctly his training involved him using this formation his dead grandfather/father put together and getting struck by lightning.

2. I'm pretty sure he was a blacksmith -- no -- artificing. He made things and he ended up joining a school later which helped him continue honing this ability.

3. The school he joined had this pillar? I believe a plot point was that it helped students gain insights and hone their craft further -- but that it also had demons sealed inside of it which eventually escaped forcing the MC to move on.


I know it's not a lot to go off of but hopefully it helps.

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