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Players, Please Board the Train

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Original Link: https://www.qidian.com/book/1024194308/

Tags: System, Multiple Worlds, Cold Hearted MC, No Romance, Suspense, Horror, Sci-Fi

Synopsis: Players are welcome to the Dimensional Rift Game's special train. This train will depart from the E-level station and head to the D-level station. Please ensure your safety and board the train in an orderly manner. Please also abide by the following passenger rules:

Please do not bring any non-game items onto the train. (Underwear and clothing are exceptions.)
You must purchase something on the train. (The train staff are all unpaid volunteers.)
Please do not turn on the lights after the lights are turned off. (Skilled and brave ones are exceptions.)

In addition, the train encourages various leisure activities such as sneak attacks, fighting, and hunting. Players are free to choose.

Why translate?: Infinity Genre is a CN webnovel genre launched by Terror Infinity which is available to read on WW. After reading the novel, you should have a idea of what 'Infinity Genre' means - due to a System controlling the 'game', no matter how strong the MC becomes the level of difficulty is constantly high. There is always a chance of characters getting dying. Most of the novels of this genre include fanfiction settings - Players Please Board the Train isn't one of them. This novel has zero fanfiction settings.

More than 2000+ chapters are available to read. The first arc heavily leans to 'suspense' genre due to having a long series of 'Spot the Imposter' themed games, but after 500 or so chapters it becomes a proper 'sci-fi' genre novel. The MC's personality, characterization and intelligence is top-notch and makes the novel an enjoyable read. I highly recommend this novel for translation.


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43 minutes ago, rkumar18 said:

You keep suggesting the interesting novels. 

Somewhat sad fact: the absolute best novels of the Infinite Flow genre can't be picked up by WW.


Reincarnation Paradise's first half is anime fanfic. That makes it a difficult proposal, especially because the anime fanfic parts are considered filler - the novel's best parts consist of original worlds.


Meanwhile, Thriller Paradise is available on Webnovel with 600 chapters of human translation and rest being 2020 garbage MTL. Difficult to obtain.

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