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which novel is better?


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I Shall Seal The Heavens (here) also includes some alchemy as does History's Number One Founder  (Official English on webnovel).

If you do not mind reading Chinese, here are a few more recommendations, but I did not check if they are officially translated yet.

超级炼丹记 (Ultra Alchemy Record) is a classical xianxia (immortal cultivation) style novel and a real treat.  VR game player from the future ends up in a world of cultivation... with the OP body of their game character!


炼金狂潮 (Alchemy Craze) is a comedic Xuanhuan Harem Alchemy novel about a silly alchemist. 


绝世药神 (Peerless Medicine God) is yet another Harem novel.  This one is less comedic and features many worlds.  It's eastern xuanhuan.


百炼成仙 (Ascending Through a Lot of Refining) is a Harem again.  Some parts are a bit watery, but it certainly features a lot of alchemy.  Since the genre is cultivation fantasy, it should be to your tastes.


异界药神 (Medicine God in Another World) is a typical rebirth.  Greatest pill refiner ever gets reborn in a primitive world.  Wuxia, and I do not remember if it is harem or not, but I rated it 4/5.


异世药王 (King of Remedies in Another World) got a video game theme.  This is xuanhuan so not the typical cultivation flair, but good alchemy content.  He is a max level alchemist player who ends up in the body of a character that's supposed to die young.  You can guess the rest.


魔天记 (Records of Māra-deva) is a cultivation fantasy set in a vast cosmos where humans live side by side with demons.  And it is quite good.  I might even recommend it for translation if there is none.

If you know what kind of demon Māra is, you know what to expect.  This is a harem novel.  But it is better than anything else on this list.  There are many secrets hidden here.  Our protagonist was a desperate prisoner in a mysterious prison, but he was "freed" and joined a sect.  There he hides his identity while doing his best to preserve his fragile sanity...


丹道宗师 (Medicine Sect Master) is a xuanhuan novel.  MC went ten thousand years back in time and uses his superb alchemy skills to crush his enemies.  I never finished it because it has too many chapters and ends up watery, but it's a good time filler.

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One of the best Cultivations Alchemy novels i have read is definitly A will Eternal

The alchemy part plays a much bigger part in this novel than most others and if you have read some normal other novels before you 

will love the ingeniuity and strange approach to alchemy here. It is by far the book in which i have genuinely laught out loud the most.

Comedy Alchemy Cultivation

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