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Tsinghua students seeking interviewees from United States who read Chinese online novels

Guest Shi Yunqian

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Guest Shi Yunqian

Hi, my friends! I'm a student from Tsinghua University, majoring in world literature. Recently we've been working on a project about how the spread of Chinese online novels will affect the international reception of Chinese traditional culture. If you are from the United States, if you are interested, and if you happen to be a fan of Chinese online novels, please, we need your participation!!!

How to participate: Leave your email in the comment area and you'll receive immediate contact.

What you'll get: the primary result of the questionnaire (about the spread of Chinese online novels), communication with Chinese students from Tsinghua who also love online novels, a letter of gratitude written by Tsinghua students, financial reward if everything goes well.

What we need you to do: take part in a 30-60min interview about Chinese online novels

Looking forward to our cooperation!

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That sounds like an interesting topic of research.  Webnovels are a great way to export culture to a great many people all over the world.  From what I have seen, most readers learn a lot from novels.

Unfortunately, I am not from the United States, but I wish you good luck!

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