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Unable to remain signed in using FireFox

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Okay, so I kept two windows open, one in regular Firefox and one in a incognito Firefox window. The error happened on regular Firefox but not the incognito version. So I'm curious if there is an add-on we're all using that would cause it. I figured if we all had one add-on in common, it'd be an ad blocker so I disabled it, but that didn't help.

Now I am using an older version of Firefox since I'm using Floorp browser, which goes off of Firefox stable and I believe the latest Firefox is quite a bit different than the previous versions, but I can't imagine we're all using an older version.

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I am having this problems too with windows 10 using chrome, cloudflare, then network error and cant log in. Don't work with brave or with firefox either. but works with mobile phone browsing

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