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Good evening everyone! Beware of a few spoiles ahead!

I've recently had the pleasure of reading a few of Er Gen novels, such being Renegade Immortal, A Will Eternal and I Shall Seal The Heavens and am still stockpilling on Beyond the Timescape, but i can't seem to be able to connect the dots on how the stories relate to each other.

I'm aware of a few connections such as Greed being sealed in RI and later appearing on ISSTH and those two novels sharing some characters and being two realms connected to each other, but i can't seem to fit the whole Bai Xiaoxun being allheaven and Old man extermination helping a few MCs and being a main antagonist on another novel?

Can anyone help a brother out and provide some explanations?

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The stories mostly do not touch on each other, but are set "in the same universe", meaning that the characters from across novels do indeed have a chance of meeting one another or interacting in some way. However this interaction is something that usually only occurs at extremely high levels of cultivation (meaning near or even at the very end of the novels) as it is at this particular layer that the MCs are actually at a point when they are capable of leaving their native cultivation lands/sub-universes and going to others which is how their interactions can occur.



An example of this is when Bai Xiaochun of AWE finds a bottle that Meng Hao of ISSTH had tossed out (he did this at the beginning of ISSTH, but later found the same bottle and then threw it out again) with a message (and promissory note) inside, he then added his own message to the bottle (about how only having one Dao Companion is best) while remarking on how "nasty" the guy who originally threw the bottle was as the promissory note actually contained karma that would have made him owe money to the person who wrote it (Meng Hao). Bai Xiaochun then threw the bottle out into the greater universe.


There are some exceptions to this sort of crossover though, and AWWP (A World Worth Protecting) is one such example:


*warning, some potential spoilers ahead for Beyond the Timescape as well as spoilers for AWWP:


Wang Lin, the protagonist of Renegade Immortal, is the father of AWWP's MC Wang Baole's love interest and thus features quite prominently in that novel and not simply as a cameo as in most other crossover examples. Wang Baole also finds that very same bottle mentioned earlier when he's still middling in cultivation, and it contained a lot of stuff (which is very interesting as I will explain later). We know it is the same bottle because Wang Baole could sense 2 powerful intents from beings of (to him) unfathomable power, one of those intents reflected a desire for wealth (Meng Hao's) and the other reflected a desire for longevity (Bai Xiaochun's).

The reason why I find the fact that the bottle is filled with other stuff interesting is that when Bai Xiaochun found it and after he tossed it, the bottle only contained Meng Hao's note and his own and nothing else of mention. Yet when Wang Baole found it it had quite a few other stuff and he managed to acquire some of it. This means that others likely also found the bottle after Bai Xiaochun threw it out and added other things to it. And some of these things could have been added by the MCs...of Er Gen's as of yet unwritten future novels!

Why do I think this might be the case? Because Xu Qing, the protagonist of Beyond the Timescape, actually appears in AWWP even though AWWP was written BEFORE Beyond the Timescape! Yup, up to the point of AWWP all the other novels seem to have been in chronological order but AWWP seems to have broken that mold. At the time no one knew who Xu Qing was when he appeared in AWWP for obvious reasons but after Beyond the Timescape was released, plus the fact that AWWP actually depicted Xu Qing's appearance (which is a bit spoliery by the way as his appearance in AWWP is after he has already become extremely powerful and thus reflects some of his experiences in the story), people have put two and two together and confirmed with certainty that it's him. He even "meets" with Wang Lin (though not face to face) and they both exchanged surnames and the exchange was something like this:

Xu QIng: "I am surnamed Xu."

Wang Lin: "I am surnamed Wang."

Wang Baole: (at the side, after the 2 have left) *mutters to himself "I am also surnamed Wang...."


I must admit, no other author I know of has this sort of greater collective multiverse that connects the MCs of all his works.

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