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Trapped in the Tower (탑에 갇혀 고인물)

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Name: Trapped in the Tower

Raw Link: https://page.kakao.com/content/55640755

Baka-Updates Link for Webtoon: The Tower's Trapped Hunter - Baka-Updates Manga (mangaupdates.com)

Synopsis: In a monster-infested world, only those summoned by the Tower become hunters, powerful individuals with special skills. Despite his ardent wish to become one, Cho Hyunsoo is stuck slaving away for other hunters. But when a near-death experience gives him a chance to fulfill his dream by bringing him to the Tower, Hyunsoo seizes it, only to discover that he cannot leave until he reaches the 100th floor! Will this hunter successfully get to the top, or will his dream end up being a nightmare?


Why it should be translated: Recently completed webnovel, genre is Tower Climbing (821 main story chapters and 35 post epilogue chapters). Unlike most Tower Climbers, extremely few Tower floors are skipped. Pretty funny and comedic.

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