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Tribulation of Myraid Races


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Before i start, there are few points that i want to say

- English is not my main

- I am using Mtl

- chapter length of this novel is so long that i sometimes skip some parts

- I read untill Xia Academy end but for the now maybe i will not write all of it. In conclusion i want to say: i maybe cant give u guys a detailed spoiler 

But here we go

- People are going crazy bcause MC use an ability that corode willpower in one of the match using soul devourer blood essence (Not used aganist wan Mingze)

- MC said that it come from Wentan research

-Mc took 2nd place in divine writing competition, Wan Mingze took first

- Wan Mingze give the book to MC as a gift. He want MC to consider joining his faction 

- for someone to find heavenly rank martial arts, he/she need to drop some kind of blood essence. MC have it, MC drop it, MC found the martial arts
- it was a martial arts written by an invicible rank cultivator called " TIME" in mtl. 

- ohh the martial arts come in  a willpower text but MC didnt form a character from it since he is afraid of the danger since it is written by invincible 

- after that MC goes on training n hit top 100 list

-First oponent = Yang Sha (Liu Hong disciple) 2nd is Liu He (Liu Hong bro) 3rd oponent is Huang Qifeng (the one who injured Mc senior sister)
-3rd fight is very epic. cant wait for WW to reach that chapter

- Losing face single divine char put a bounty on MC. Anyone who can beat MC get a willpower text written by Zhou Mingren/mountain n sea expert

- MC n fatty Hou who heard that create a plan. But before MC excecute the plan he beat 3 more single divine char disciple

- the plan is for MC to surender FOR 1 merit points. Students who heard that quickly register their name. in the end MC lose more than 8000 times.

Ofc Zhou cant write that much right? the solution is  Opening a class with mountain and sea realm as the teacher for free.. Students can choose the class or getting willpower text. those who choose class cant geAt willpower text n those who choose text cant get open class but they get an IOU.  Fatty Xia then buy the IOU

- MC tell Bai Feng about Soul devourer, Bai Feng know about Soul devourer bcause he research it in the past but have no sucsess. 

- Bai feng then let MC come to his research room. in there Bai feng know that MC have 68% willpower (but that 68=90% willpower of normal cultivator) and MC have 5 char not 4.

- Bai Feng surprised, MC said he didnt told Bai Feng bc he is embarrased of his fifth char

-MC then doing research about soul devourer for a few days


thats the end for now. i will post again later, someday.... 

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I'm actually reading World's Best Martial Artist on another site since I've heard that Tribulation of Myriad Races and another title on this site I forget which) are sequels of a sort to that with WBMA, TMR and then that one in order. Since there have been stated to be some references and such to the older books in the more recent ones I decided to read WBMA first before reading the other 2 on wuxiaworld.


And O. M. G. Reading WBMA has become something of a trial:



The story itself is actually not bad and pretty interesting, at a certain point however the quality of the translation drops to a level just above MTL which makes it more tedious to read. It's mostly in terms of terms and names getting switched around, one character's name (pr rather title) actually gets rotated between several different appellations making it incredibly confusing to associate all these different terms to be referring to the same character. I really did not realize that there were so many different possible translations for a "Jiao", and the translation seems to be using them all (if "jiao" can even mean all that I don't know).

The real problem however is the MC. Good lord this guy is annoying, easily one of my top picks for most annoying MCs I have ever see. He's at least as annoying as Mo Fan from Versatile Mage and that guy is quite the pissant too. So many instances where I just felt the urge to fucking slap this guy (Fang Ping is his name) simply because of the sheer annoyance of his character. It's pretty obvious that he was deliberately written to be such an annoying character too, probably because the author thought it would be funny. That just makes it even more irritating for me because I cannot see how this even remotely makes the guy funny.

He simply ticks off all the negatives on my list of things I don't want in an MC (arrogant, boastful, egotistical narcissistic, greedy (because of his cheat), spam to win using his cheat, developed problems due to over reliance of his cheat and leveling too fast, and yet repeating some of these mistakes when he should know better. His treatment of his friends and allies and friends is also not the best, the only thing that restrains him from ripping some of them off is his consideration of how this would harm his future relationship with them and he still needs to rely on them, so he refrains. He's a bit hypocritical at times and not exactly a man of integrity either.

800 chapters in and most of the main flaws of his character are still there with the same problems still cropping up now and again. It's not like he has no character development, but it hasn't fixed what I perceive to be the worst aspects of himself. It's so bad that when other characters display shameless behaviour to counter his antics, I applaud them instead, even though what they do isn't really deserving of applause, quite the contrary.


I'll stick it through and try to finish this, but seriously I hope that TMR and the following novel are much better than WBMA. Please let them have better MCs, I just cannot understand how people can find annoying characters deliberately and exaggeratedly written to be annoying as funny.

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