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Proration error


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On 12/14/2023 at 12:24 AM, Sinai said:

The price for subscription keeps going up even as I get closer to renewal date if I want to upgrade. This wasn’t the case before so I was wondering if it’s a bug?

Hi, the price decreases until the subscription has 15 days remaining, and increases after that.

This is because of the way the upgrades work, as described in Question 3 of our FAQ:

Sub-15 day upgrades grant you 15 days at the new tier, and the price is calculated by deducting the remaining value of your existing subscription from the price of 15 days at the higher tier. 

So for example, let's say your current tier is $60 per month, and the new tier is $120 per month. At just under 15 days remaining, the price of the upgrade would be $60 (half the price of the new tier), minus approximately $30 (the remaining value of 15 days at the $60 tier). So the upgrade price would be approximately $30.

But at 10 days remaining, the price would be $60 (again, the price of 15 days at the $120 tier), minus approximately $20 (the remaining value of 10 days at the $60 tier). So an upgrade price of approximately $40.

In both examples the upgrade grants 15 days of access to the $120 tier, but the price is higher for the second example because more time has been spent on the lower tier.

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