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The Priest of corruption

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Name: The priest of corruption/부패의 사제

Original Publisher: Munpia

Status in COO: 346 chapters (Ongoing)

Why It Should Get Picked Up: The MC's relation with the Mother of Corruption is great and sweet. The secondary characters get devellopped. There is humor and many tropes are twisted. The demon aren't necessarily evil and someone who seems like a threat is in fact quite friendly...The novel is quite original and the story sufficiently unique.

Description: I used a cheat to create a character in the game. When I came to my senses after pressing the play button, I had possessed the “Priest of Corruption” character I had created. It had to be a character who had bad stats and was hated by all! All I had on me is a woman’s dried up hand, but that hand was a goddess’s?!

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