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Bug Report: Auto Next Chapter Not Working in Wuxiaworld iOS App with Text-to-Speech Feature


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Dear Wuxiaworld Support Team and Community,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to report a bug that I have encountered while using the Wuxiaworld iOS app. Specifically, I have noticed a problem with the auto next chapter feature when utilizing the text-to-speech functionality.

Here are the details of the issue:

1. Device: I am using an iPhone running the latest version of iOS (17.1.1).

2. App Version: The bug is present in the most recent version of the Wuxiaworld iOS app (2.1.0).

3. Description: When I enable the text-to-speech feature to have the app read the content aloud, the auto next chapter feature fails to function as expected. After the current chapter finishes, the app does not automatically move on to the next chapter. Instead, I have to manually navigate to the next chapter each time.

4. Reproduction Steps:
   a. Open the Wuxiaworld iOS app.
   b. Select a novel and navigate to any chapter.
   c. Start the text-to-speech playback.
   d. Observe that after the chapter finishes, the app does not automatically proceed to the next chapter.

5. Expected Behavior: With the text-to-speech feature active, I expect the app to seamlessly transition to the next chapter once the current chapter completes, allowing for a continuous listening experience.

This bug significantly impacts the user experience, especially for those who rely on the text-to-speech feature to enjoy Wuxiaworld novels hands-free. It would be greatly appreciated if the development team could investigate and address this issue promptly.

If any additional information or clarification is needed, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am willing to provide further details or assist in any way possible to help resolve this bug and improve the overall app experience.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon and eagerly anticipate the bug fix in a future app update.


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12 hours ago, keamiss said:

I also encounter this same bug. Especially frustrating when I am driving and it stopped at the end of every chapter despite already ticked Auto next chapter. 

Using iPhone 11 Pro Max. IOS 17.1.1.
Wuxiworld App version 2.1.0

Hey, Bro, focus on the driving! But, yeah, it should auto start the next chapter.

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On 11/29/2023 at 1:11 PM, Daoist_DarkSLight said:

Bro so professional in the post, he feels like bingGPT 🤗👍😆

I did use it a chatbot to write the OP 😂

Bumping this again.

The auto next chapter feature was fixed in the version 2.2.0 but I found a related bug when using Alloy AI Enhanced voice on Keyboard Immortal.

When transitioning to a new chapter with the screen off a different voice would take over so I have to stop TTS and start again to get the Alloy again. 

I tried to reproduce the bug with the screen on but it worked as expected.

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